AR Importers

Booth No.: 36

Amber Rebellion was born out of frustration, as beer drinkers living in Hong Kong, we were highly dissatisfied with the selection of the mainstream beers on offer, so we took a united stand against mediocre beer and Amber Rebellion was born.

We have imported a range of premium and boutique craft beers into Hong Kong from South Australia (our home state), many of these brewers are closely aligned with wineries or have an artisan approach to beer making. These are full flavoured beers with uniqueness and great stories behind them.

The brewing techniques used give a nice connection to food matching and a point of difference in the Hong Kong market.

Join the Amber Rebellion and make a stand against mediocre beer.

Bestbev Hong Kong

Booth No.: 23

BestBev HK was established in March 2013 when three young like-minded hopheads came together with an aspiration to bring quality beers and ciders to Hong Kong. We scour the world to find small local breweries that have a real passion for what they produce, we’ve narrowed the list down to what you can find on the website today. We want drinkers to appreciate the intricacies and differences of a craft brew as well as share the passion and effort that goes into brewing craft beer and cider. Most of all, to experiment and drink with us!

Dxcel International Hong Kong

Booth No.: 26

Dxcel International Trading Company is a leading importer of premium beverages in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. As our recognition of being a specialty beer brand builder has grown, so has our portfolio. For Hong Kong our range primarily contains imported Ales, Wheat Beers and Lambic’s including some specialty and rarity beers.

French Cidre Exports

Booth No.: 15

La Chouette is a French ‘pure apple juice’ cider (or “cidre”), produced and bottled in Normandy from a selection of locally-grown cider apples. Fruit of the French savoir-faire, La Chouette will surprise you with its crisp and fruity taste, its fine bubbles and its natural golden colour.

La Parisienne is a French craft brewery located in Paris. La Parisienne produces craft beers of the highest quality in small batches, using the best ingredients sourced as locally as possible. Their portfolio includes several ales, a lager, an IPA, a stout, and a few organic beers.

Gweilo Beer

Booth No.: 16

Gweilo Beer was founded with a dream: to create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone in this fine city.
A range of craft beers to help redefine Hong Kong’s beer market needed a name which was born in Hong Kong and has undergone a redefinition of its own.
The choice was simple.
Gweilo’s unique dictionary style branding aims to help promote, in a fun and lighthearted way, the redefinition the word Gweilo has undergone over recent years.
Gweilo is a redefined name, for a redefining beer.

Lion Rock Brewery Limited

Booth No.: 13

Lion Rock Brewery share the same core values of Hong Kong people – “Strive for excellence”. We strive to create inspired local recipes that pay respect to Hong Kong people’s industrious nature, perseverance and solidarity spirit. We see it as our mission to elevate Hong Kong’s craft beer culture.
Join us – be a beer connoisseur, not a beer drinker!

Little Creatures Brewing Hong Kong

Booth No.: 17

Born out of a love affair with hoppy beer and founded amongst the creative free thinking culture of Fremantle in Western Australia, Little Creatures is a flavour loving brewery dedicated to crafting distinctive, well balanced beers, that are inspired by the creativity and individuality of its people.
We produce hand crafted beers of the highest quality from the finest ingredients while maintaining a unique, individual style and culture.
Every beer we create is of the highest quality and from the finest ingredients. As Creatures, it is our mission to continue to strive to make better beer with greater consistency each and every day.

LY Drinks & Bites Ltd

Booth No.: 14

Founded in 2015, we aim to provide and supply the best quality Japanese food and beverages to customers. We are very fortunate enough to receive great support from the Japanese suppliers, farmers and fisheries. With the help of technology, we are able to keep close contact wit hthem, and thus, have formed an excellent working relationship. Because of such close connections we have with our suppliers, farmers and fisheries, we are able to bring the freshest possible food and beverages to customers in the fastest and most secure way.

Red Mill Limited

Booth No.: 10

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Seven Brews

Booth No.: 12

Upon brewing our seventh home brew, the mission was straightforward – brew our own beer professionally. From hobby to obsession, Seven Brews was born, the rest of the story is now history in the making. Seven Brews is created in California, U.S., where we believe best hops and beautiful clean water is sourced to develop that perfect pint. As the U.S. is the leader in the craft beer revolution with over 4,000 breweries nationally, the experience and quality of their brewing is second to none. Our hops are grown on the West Coast ensuring our craft beers are brewed at its freshest. Our beer recipes are designed for the Asia market, by keeping the alcohol percentage and bitterness down, we ensure consumers can enjoy the flavour of our beer and order that extra tipple.
Seven Brews life goals are simple; promising our customers the freshest and tastiest brews.
Seven Brews, drinking science in a bottle.

Telford International Company Limited

Booth No.: 34

Singha Beer is the “Original Thai Beer” and the first beer to be brewed in Thai in 1933. Singha, the only beer with the symbol of Thailand’s Royalty as recognition for premium quality product, is now considered as a nation’s heritage and present in over 40 countries. The full-bodied 100% barley malt beer is distinctively rich in taste with strong hop characters.


Booth No.: 9

Created in 1945 by Albert Moortgat, Jan’s son. Since 2003, Vedett has been relaunched as a trendy luxury pilsner, aimed at young customers in upscale urban bars. Recently the brewery has launched a marketing scheme that gives customers the chance to have photos of themselves placed on the labels of bottles. These bottles are then sold commercially, so one never knows when one might run into one in a bar.

Wells & Young's Brewing Co

Booth No.: 24

Wells and Young’s Brewing Company is the epitome of all-rounded business excellence, demonstrating sustained growth for its beers and stock lists whilst combining traditional family values with innovation and development. Firmly placed as the UK’s largest private brewing company, it is fiercely independent, and with an enviable portfolio of some of the UK’s most loved cask beers and specialty lager brands.